is an urban planning and architecture studio launched by Bach Nguyen in 2008, in Paris.

Our studio is commited to numerous scopes of intervention, from large scale to micro architecture (even detail design). We tackle a great diversity of programmes, considering that our enlightenment comes from our cross-disciplinary approach of the multiple themes we take up.

We also develop a sober and challenging architecture, in tune with the notion of use and sensitive to sustainable development. Our will to get to the point enables us to solve prescriptive and economical issues in our programmes, in order to design consistent projects, dedicated to their residents.

Thanks to the dialectics our projects maintain with their contexts, our studio builds an architecture which possesses a specific writing which echoes its own territory.

bachnguyenarchitecture has completed various singular projects in outstanding settings of historic importance such the Castle of Hohlandsbourg’s new layout, the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower’s restoration or that of the Hotel La Réserve in Paris. Our studio currently works on the cultural project of the Musée Ingres in Montauban and on a 130 apartment residential block in Ivry sur Seine.

Bach Nguyen

Bach Nguyen

Création de bachnguyenarchitecture

Direction de projets
agence Wilmotte&Associés

Direction de projet
agence J. Audren et R. Schlumberger
/ agence J. Brunet et E. Saulnier

Direction de l’agence L. Bravo y A. Blanch
à Barcelone- Espagne

Chef de projet Agence G. Bouchez

Diplôme d’architecture dplg
Ecole d’Architecture de Versailles

Mathieu Brassart
architecte diplômé d’état
Mathias Miraux-Savary
architecte desa
Cécile Marguin
architecte diplômée d’état
Iris Jasson
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Inès Nguyen
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