Museum of Arts and Traditions of Morocco

Casablanca / Maroc

2015 competition

Exhibition rooms, auditorium, offices

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Fondation Mezian
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

Atelier A1 architectes associés

95 M Dirhams
4 400 m²

Our project, located on a startegic site in the heart of historical Casablanca, responds to the following issues : providing a significant cultural venue, inscribing the building inside the urban continuum of the Casablancan architecture, responding to the museum’s programme and expectations and controlling the flow of visitors, researchers and museum staff.
The project offers a wide and generous opening onto the city.

An impressive door opens up onto the intersection of Roudani Avenue and Moulay Youssef Avenue. This door dignifies the warm welcome it offers to the Museum visitors.
The ground floor houses the reception hall and the Mezian exhibition room a bit lower. The first underground level accomodates an auditorium and meeting rooms.
The exhibition spaces are arranged in mezzanines which are smoothly connected to their surrounding rooms through gently sloping access ramps.
A central shaft gathers lifts, sanitation and utility ducts.
On the top floor, the administrative directorate and management board find their quarters.

The spacious exhibition halls and their 4.80m high ceilings enable the development of a great variety of stagings. The volumes’ geometry facilitate the implementation of picture rails and window cases, along with a controlled lighting.
The volumes of the Museum’s courtyard are terraced to comply with the prospects onto the plot’s external boundaries.
The gaps between the various volumes allow for overhead natural lighting in some rooms. The rhythm that the volumes offer on the street, along with their alternating white stone and transluscent onyx gemstone cladding thus create a contemporary architecture which relates to the Casablancan architecture.
The whole project is a sculpted and perforated monolith which clearly showcases its role and its urban and cultural standing.

Musée des Arts & Traditions Casablanca / Maroc Musée des Arts & Traditions Casablanca / Maroc Musée des Arts & Traditions Casablanca / Maroc