Residential building

Paris 8th arrdt

Rue Marx Dormoy

Competition – project not shortlisted

Designing 14 housing units for purchase, plus business premises

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Paris Habitat
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BET Choulet
BET Brizot Masse Ingénierie
Economiste Bureau Michel Forgue

2.2 M€
1 260 m²

Our project on Rue Marx Dormoy is designed as a linking element between the block’s two adjoining buildings. The breaking down of the facade plans and our work on the south gable end implement the construction to blend in the alignment of the street’s elevations. The facades are clad with luminous prefabricated concrete panels. This material contributes to giving the monolythic structure a contemporary and durable overlay. A one to two storey extension sits on top of the volume. It is vertically clad with zinc laths.
The facades’ characteristic mouldings around the windows and entrances are outlined by aluminium frames. The latter enrich the diversity of the street’s elevations and imprint a certain rhythm to the frontage all the while maximizing the interiors natural lighting. The bays are equipped with aluminium roller shutters, for the sake of technicity and maintenance.
The elevation on Rue Philippe de Girard is 4 storeys high (including ground floor) and interplays with the neighbouring workshops by the way its openings are set and designed. A recessed spacious duplex apartment defines the volume of the building’s zinc-clad rooftop extension.
The courtyards determine the flats’ double exposure, which maximizes their natural lighting and ventilation.
The cluster develops along the successive terraces from the 6 storey alignment on Rue Marx Dormoy to the 4 storey alignment on Rue Philippe de Girard. This layout implements the assortment of heights depending on the streets’ widths and in accordance with the plot’s existing heritage.

Rue Marx Dormoy Rue Marx Dormoy Rue Marx Dormoy