92 apartments & childcare center

Paris 12th arrdt

Rue de Gravelle


92 apartments, a 60 crib childcare centre, obtaining the BBC label (Low Energy Consumption Building)

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Paris Habitat - OPH
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architectes associés

19 M€
7 900 m²

Our project aims at increasing the density of housing on Rue de Gravelle by adding an urban component. It is aligned on the existing buildings and folds back onto the plot’s core.
The structure, partially built up against the existing party walls, constitutes the layout of a ‘mineral’ courtyard, open onto the garden, in the north.
This allotment enables to lighten the design of the housing units at the heart of the block.
A range of detached houses on 3 levels whose access is provided by external staircases, allows to define our main objective : openness. The private gardens, to the south, are planted with trees in a broad strip of earth which runs the length of the party wall.
The building standing on Rue de Gravelle sits on a mineral base which incorporates all the accesses to the various units. The upper-level, at garden level, comprises the substantially glazed facades of the childcare centre.
This 4 storey wing slightly projects onto the street and discloses loggias and openings behind its mineral framework.

The whole project meets the following EETC certifications :

  • eco-label ‘Qualitel BBC Effinergie’
  • the H&E label (Habitat & Environment) – Profil A
  • High Environmental Quality approach for the childcare centre
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