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Issy les Moulineaux

ZAC Léon Blum


Designing 3 residential buildings with a childcare centre and business premises

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Francois Leclercq Architectes Urbanistes
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110.4 M€
61 300 m²

The ZAC (Urban Development Zone) Léon Blum in Issy-les-Moulineaux yearns for a strong dynamism thanks to the creation of the future underground (Métro) station on line 15 of the Grand Pris Express.

The creation of a new intermodal transport network connecting the ZAC to the new Métro station and the RER C line, implements the area’s development by creating easily acessible and secure walkways which provide surrounding businesses some continuity. A new close-knit neighbourhood therefore begins to form along this pathway which skims past the café terraces, market stalls, etc…

Beyond the urban planning, our reflection focuses on the creation of 3 new plots on the ZAC. Our concern is – in addition to comfortable and functional housing – to offer exterior spaces extending from the residential units with fair orientations and expositions.

The first block – A1 – houses retail shops, a childcare centre and apartments and forms an urban unit which articulates around the new square and the pedestrian mall. It is meant to be a specific volume which signals the ZAC’s entrance. It features a courtyard for the childcare centre and a rooftop greenhouse.

The second block – A5 – stands at the far end of the pedestrian mall at the south-western angle of Rue Aristide Briand. The building is composed of three volumes at an angle on the street. It enables more airing to the narrow mall by providing gardens to the pedestrian visitor.

The third block – D – is located at the south of Avenue de Verdun, leaning back onto the hillside, overlooking the Botanical garden. While it preserves the existing alleyways, it also features private and shared gardens as well as greenhouse verandas which recall the Botanical Garden’s closeness.

Our project meets the demand for a new urban lifestyle, closer to its surroundings and environment, all the while favouring its inhabitants well-being, inside a densifying neighbourhood.

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