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2008 competition - not shortlisted

A 14 villa hotel

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Michel Reybier Hospitality
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

Atelier BPM architectes

20 M €
4 000 m²

The project consists in designing a 14 detached houses hotel on the beach near Anse Boudin, in the north of Praslin Island. The essential elements composing the site are a dense and varied vegetation, a small stream – whose ramifications run down to the sea – and granite rocks which are symptomatic of the Seychelles.
The road running through the site has to be modified in order to bypass the plot.
The project offers to densify the site’s edges by designing a rather open centre structured around water : a succession of swimming pools, ornamental ponds and rivulets guide the walkways.
3 types of houses complete the project’s agenda : the beach house, the tree house and the main house.
They are all designed with a wood structure and hi-tech materials. The houses are all exotic wood framed (posts and trusses) thus enabling a quick and modular construction. Stone shear walls running the bedroom length ensure the houses’s stability. All houses are covered with a thatched roof.
Sliding pannels made of synthetic mesh provide privacy and a light and sustainable protection for the facades. Exterior posts are assembled with stainless steel connectors.
A marine chandlery brings a modern aspect to the construction details. The bay windows completely slide behind the wood pannels.
Floorings are mainly exotic wood laths, and stone clads the wet areas. Specific pieces of furniture, as much as the architecture of the lot, customise the gobal project’s design.

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