Pullman Hotel Paris Eiffel Tower ****

Paris 15th arrdt

Avenue de Suffren

Delivered in 2014

Refurbishing the Hotel Pullman, organization of lobby and rooms, conference room and meeting spaces layout

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Accor Hospitality
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

Décoration Christophe Pillet
BET GEC Ingénierie

27 M€
21  000 m²

The lot is located only a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower and accomodates apartments, office spaces and the Pullman Hotel.
The building is the first of a series of modern hotels built in Paris after WWII by architect Pierre Dufau, in 1963. The interior decoration was designed by Raymond Loewy.
It develops over a T-shaped volume housing the accomodation. The 1st underground floor shlters meeting rooms and the kitchens. The ‟attic” on the 11th floor houses the Trocadero Ballroom and other meeting rooms.
Our project endeavours to refurbish the hotel’s interior architecture.
The renovation aims at :

  • upgrading the building’s security standards of the building,
  • updating the building’s technical facilities and equipment,
  • refurbishing the bedrooms and suites,
  • improving the spaces’ layout through a thourough general palnning,
  • creating an additional elevator.

Having to renovate the facades renovation and to comply with France’s new energy standards have forced us to redesign all the woodwork keeping in mind the original project’s composite joinery.
Rewriting the upper floor venues’ layout and designing a glassroof supported by glass beams enables to fully embrace the view onto the Eiffel Tower.
The project also deals with highlighting the building by matching up the free spaces both on the street-side and the garden at the rear with a coherent landscape design.

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