Ibis Budget Hotel

Les Mureaux

Project cancelled

A hotel of 99 rooms

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

BET GEC Ingénierie

2 700 m²

Our project comprises a hotel and its restaurant. It is located Rue de Seine, in the city of Lesd Mureaux, near Le Rhin et Danube Bridge leading to Meulan.
The site offers specific characterictics, especially because of its trapezoidal shape and its proximity with a public park and the Seine river. Therefore, its position and volume meet the urban demands the site offers, including pedestrian walkways and carriage ways.
Our architectural reflection focuses on the plot’s geometry. The building, for example, offers a ‘prow’ and, opposite, a ‘stern’ on Rue de Seine, confering to it a strong dynamic and visibility. The building’s elevations reflect the programme’s mixed functions. Indeed, calculated openings in the facades give a kinetic reading of the hotel and respond accurately to the rooms layout. On the ground floor, large bays design the semi-public welcoming space of the restaurant.
The facade being slightly set back from Rue de Seine, we implemented a thin landscaped strip between the pavement and the hotel.
A rooftop studio which is set back from the facade’s elevation allows for the creation of a terrace on the 4th and last floor. The latter houses the machinery room and perfectly incorporated ducts and electrical services.
The building is highly performant thanks to its limited heat loss, its simplified production and its mastered energy consumption. The low carbon-footprint construction and the eco-friendly materials used (PEFC and FSC certifications, and absence of VOC emission) make this building extremely respectful of the environment.