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Cité de la mer

Competition – not shortisted

Designing a space which would associate the Titanic to the topic of emigration and shipwreck research.

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Communauté Urbaine de Cherbourg
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

Scène scénographie

1,4 M€
1 850 m²

A journey into the wrecked Titanic’s remains.
A descent into the ‟archeoligical” site’s abyss in which the visitor is plunged amidst the reconstitution of the liner’s various spaces, through a specific staging of its setting. The arrival deck, set as a mezzanine, leads to the Luggage Room either by using the straight flight of stairs or the elevator. The latter takes the visitor to the first of many rooms, the shipwreck’s room, therefore initiating a journey into the ship’s last hours.

Once the shipwreck’s room visited, the project plunges the visitor into a ‟sub-marine” atmosphere by the use of a studied lighting and a stretch ceiling. The gangways’ steel partitions reinforce the visitor’s feeling of entrapment and enable him or her to better comprehend the liner’s wreck. The portholes glow to guide the visitor’s view onto the various spaces of the vessel.

A suspended and slightly sloping access ramp gives an impression of weightlessness around the hulls which comprise the decors. A general pervading twilight, occasionally probed by rays of bathyscaphs headlights, gently transports the visitor into total immersion. A projection of shadows and ripples on the partitions’ lining and the streched black fishnet ceiling will blur the spatial landmarks.

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