Temple Hotel ****

Paris III rd arrdt

rue du Temple


Restructuring an office building formerly belonging to Orange into a 4 star hotel, it features 65 bedrooms and suites from 16 to 40 m². The lobby occupies two levels, and offers a view onto the English courtyard garden.

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
FT ImmoH
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

Economiste Cabinet Philippe
Grandfils Sas
BET Choulet
BET Brizot&Masse Ingénierie

8 M €
2800 m²

The project aims at meeting with the requirements of a typical 4✫ hotel, on Rue du Temple, in the prestigious and historic district of Le Marais, in Paris.

Designing a functional reception hall and a spacious lobby and maximizing the number of rooms on the upper floors were at the heart of our project. The removal of two floorings and the reconstruction of two new floors made the hotel’s layout more practical, comfortable and in compliance with fire safety regulations.

In the midst of such an environment, our will was to adapt the building and its simple but prescribed facades to its properties (and programming) as a hotel. The building does not have to comply with any Preserved Sector regulations, but offers specific structural properties and disclosed openings.The ornamental features of the facade’s apertures are transfered onto the newly created levels and reflect the variety of rhythms and proportions of the neighbouring facades, while integrating contemporary details : typically Parisian balconies and moulded outdoor cornices.

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