10 housing units & public amenities

Bois-Plage en Ré

Competition – project not shortlisted

10 housing units, a post office, an exhibition hall, public amenities

Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Mairie de Bois-Plage en Ré
Maîtrise d'oeuvre

paysage AC&T
BET Beterem

3,8 M€
1 730 m²

The mixed housing project set in the heart of the historic village of Bois-Plage en Ré aims at redefining the old city centre by redesigning the urban planning of the Place de la Liberté on which the church stands. Our urban commitment makes the old town hall’s building more visible and orders access to the specific institutions : the police station, the post office, an exhibition hall, the administrative centre.
Our firm stance is also to give the block an east facade as well as to design a coherent urban space at the back of the church. So, this part of the cluster has to mean something to the user/citizen : simplicity and modernity give way to a positive confrontation with the institutional buildings of the past.
Our will is therefore to design a contemporary architecture in accordance with its environment which redefines the histical cenre’s outline.
The project bears two main entities : a building on three levels with apartments in the top 2 floors, over business spaces and a post office on the ground floor, plus a 2 storey building serving a more administrative role.
Both buildings are connected trhough a common base on the ground level which redesigns the exterior surroundings, at the back of the church. The lot defines a small specific courtyard which highlights the town hall’s facade and the chuch’s transept. The wood slat cladding at times gives directions, gives rhythm to the facade and defines the alleyway’s contour and the courtyard’s outline.

The facades and roofs are designed in accordance with the aesthetic codes and proportions of the Île de Ré’s architectural heritage. Only a few details in the shutters and window frames point at the modern identity of the lot.

Bois-Plage en Ré Bois-Plage en Ré Bois-Plage en Ré Bois-Plage en Ré